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Clinical Pharmacists are at the centre of our service delivery. Supported by our Service Support Team, we offer services around 3 core areas; QOF Disease Prevalence, Therapy Reviews and our Attend2 clinical platforms.

Our pharmacists receive extensive training and are experts in using clinical systems and searches to identify and stratify patients. Where appropriate, they will work with practices to ensure that clinics are set up and attendance rates are maximised. They are experienced in running patient-facing clinics as well as remote-clinics and have in-depth clinical knowledge in a wide range of therapy areas, allowing them to review patients and make clinically appropriate recommendations for their management.

In addition, all our pharmacists are proficient in identifying opportunities and providing support to help maximise QOF income and demonstrate ongoing quality improvement.

Disease Prevalence Quality Improvement Programme

Disease Prevalence Quality Improvement Programme

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QOF Disease Prevalence

QOF Disease Prevalence

Our flagship service supporting practices with register maintenance, disease prevalence and QOF achievement. We have 4 tiers of support available.

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Therapy Reviews

Therapy Reviews

Comprised of on-site and remote support from our Clinical Pharmacist teams, we provide clinical tools and resource to help manage patients with long-term conditions. Most reviews include a clinic element to help action urgent care needs identified in screening.

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Our Attend2 platforms are purpose built patient management tools available to support a number of therapy areas and support patients with these long-term conditions.

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